These are gorgeous porcelain lithographs only found in specialy stores! They make the most beautiful gifts and are PERFECT for birthday, co-workers, gift exchanges, teacher gifts, etc.! These lights are hand-made by a company that takes great care in the designs. If I am out of a specific nightlight it can take two weeks for delivery so please inquire.

Decorative - Lithophane - Porcelain Garden
The most popular Lithophane product is the plug-in night light. First invented in France in 1827, a Lithophane is a porcelain engraving that virtually comes alive when illuminated from behind! The image is created by a panel of different thicknesses of translucent, kiln-fired porcelain. A breathtakingly detailed picture in warm sepia tones emerge when lit. The small shadow in our pictures is due to photographic light and is not visible in your home. These illuminated artworks are so detailed, that they will amaze you for years to come. Our Night Lights are the perfect gift, reasonably priced and nicely gift boxed. Our exclusive clip mounting allows our Flat Night Lights to be plugged into any electrical outlet, including outlets that are installed sideways or upside down. Curved Panels can be mounted vertically. Each panel is approx. size 3.5 inches x 4.5 inches. The flat panels are interchangeable with any of the flat panel designs so you can change them easily or place into optional lamps. UL Listed."

There are amazing seasonal lights for the holidays, nature, animals, mermaids, fairies, African, etc.

Stunning and Serene Message of Peace
Woodland Sunbeams
A Calming and Serene Setting
Chesire Cat

Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland by David Delmare

The Night Before Christmas

A beautiful and magical scene for the holidays

Divine Mercy

A glowing picture of Jesus

Catepillar by David Delamare

From our beloved Alice in Wonderland by David Delamare

Mermaid and the Moon
Gorgeous Mermaid and the Moon
Mary and Jesus
A glowing image of Mother Mary and Baby Jesus

A Hummingbird in Flight
Catch a Falling Star
A Beautiful Fairy catches a Falling Star
Wild Horses
Let the Sunshine In!

Fairy Moon
Enchanting Fairy Lighting up the Moon
Enchanted Flight
Truly Enchanting Unicorn in flilght
Serene and Spiritual
Dragon Moon
A Graceful Dragon in a Moon shape

Santa's Flight

Mystical Holiday Spirit


Nativity Scene

Kitten Dreams

What is cuter than sleeping kittens?

Beautiful and Graceful Dolphins

Mermaid and Mirror
Beautiful Vain Mermaid
Mermaid and Baby
Glowing and Bonding Mommy and Baby
An Enchanted Dragonfly
Man In The Moon
Man In The Moon

A Fairy with the message "Believe"
Voice of the Soul
Music Lover
African Sunset
Simply beautiful African Sunset
Serene yet Powerful Waterfall!

Mystical Seahorse
Half-dome at Yosemite
Magical Mountains.
Moon Dreamer
This Angel is glorious!
Tropical Moonlight
Simply tranquil!

A message of Faith
Calming meditation and Yoga
Silent Sentinal
Simply nautical!
Stunning Mommy and Baby Fairy
The bond is indescribable

Winter Beauty
Cloak of winter darkness
Spiritual and Glowing
Guardian Angel
Everyone feels safer with their Guardian Angel
Humpty Dumpty

Add some charm to your nursery, bathroom or any room where classic fairy tales are appreciated!

Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross for the Irish lover!